About Us

Committed to Lifelong Learning in a Caring Environment

Green Learning Academy offers an Early Stimulation program based on a combination of Montessori & traditional teaching methods for children from 0 to 4 years old, aimed at providing each child with a strong foundation for its intellectual development.

A team of caring and qualified teachers will welcome your child into its second home here at Green Learning Academy: a safe environment where it can discover its independence and have fun!

Green Learning Academy is located in Cole Bay and has air-conditioned classrooms as well as a gated and eco-friendly outside play area.


Green Learning Academy believes that children need an opportunity to explore and experience a variety of activities; to discover the joy of I AM; I CAN.

To discover the joy of I AM and I CAN

We offer our children a creative curriculum infused with opportunities to learn through the exploration of the environment. Through experiential learning, children have opportunities to develop academically in language and literacy skills, math, science, arts, cooking, technology and eco-friendly living.

We provide an environment where children can explore these values and seek to learn about their differences, while bringing people together with similar interest.

Playground area

Why Choose Us?

  • Green Learning Academy is a Registered Institution having qualified & experienced team of teachers
  • We combine best practices of education (including Montessori)
  • Air-conditioned and spacious classrooms
  • Building fully equipped with fire & smoke alarms
  • Excellent study material
  • Gated and grass carpeted outside play area
  • We are an eco-friendly business and believe in respecting and preserving the environment
  • We respect the global community and encourage conservation as well as wildlife preservation
  • We promote energy efficiency
  • We practice and educate children about the three Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • We encourage healthy and natural meals and snacks
  • We promote and use non-toxic and eco-friendly toys and supplies
  • We promote all natural and eco-friendly cleaning products

Are you convinced?! Want to meet up so you can come and see for yourself? Make an appointment with us today!